Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-04-2012, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by DamianHabs View Post
The argument was not that hard for you to comprehend but let's try it again. Prust's game does not translate necessarily onto the score sheet but if you actually watch him play - have you?- you would understand that he's far more of third liner when it comes to contributions. He can skate, can fight, is a very good penalty killer and has shown some offensive skill during his career.

There's the compelling argument in bite sized pieces, so I'm hoping you can follow it.
Repeating what everybody has said (myself included) about Prust for over 500+ posts isn't exactly an argument, you realise. It's also not enlightened, nor much of a contribution. What's interesting is that you feel the need to be insulting while repeating what everyone knows.

As far as Prust being a third liner because he can skate and he can fight (whoopdeedoo!), I don't agree. The fact that Prust is a good PKer doesn't make him good on ES. And he's shown 'good' offensive skill in one season. Again, reiterating Prust's strengths (that, as a hockey player, he is able to both skate and fight, and is a good PKer) isn't a compelling argument at all. Maybe if you'd put a little more attention into the 'substantiating my opinion' part instead of deriding others', you'd be a happier person and more interesting person.

Oh, and for someone who keeps churning out the boring 'you must never have seen him play!' line, you sure do struggle when it comes to describing Prust in any way that makes him unique from any other common bottom-6 grinder. Whether that's an issue with hockey analysis lacking, or just communication skills, or some combination of the two, I'll let you figure that one out.

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