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07-04-2012, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by ewoksonhoth View Post
This. Our high school hockey tournament sells more tickets than the high school football tournament in Texas.
Good point, Minnesota's high school hockey tourney sells more tickets the few days they have the tournament, than many of these NHL teams do during the regular season.

The State of Minnesota produces more American NHL players than any other state in the country. But that don't count either to many of these self proclaimed hockey experts here on these forums.

Don't forget we had the Northstars here in Minnesota before many of these guys even had an NHL franchise. But we get no cred for that either. Somehow we still are nothing but a bunch of hicks here in Minnesota I guess, according to what I see on these boards.

So forgive us Minnesota fans if we seem to be gloating today from time to time, we have been treated like red headed step children here for some time now, getting no respect what so ever. Today is such a good day here in Minnesota to be a hockey fan, and damnit, we deserve it!

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