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07-05-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MorriPage View Post
The fact of the matter seems to be that players of real genuine value don't want to play here. Star players don't want to play here. Toronto is an attractive destination for European players due to the cultural diversity which is fine, but this is a star driven league. Based on the way teams who win have been constructed, the trend seems to be this: you can win if your best player is European. I can't think of one successful team (or another team, period) whose top 2-3 players are European.

Something needs to change. There either needs to be a hard cap installed, or the Raptors have to re-locate to an attractive American city. There are two main reasons a sports team remains poor as long as the Raptors have been: either A) poor management (trades, drafting) or B) inability to attract high level free agents.
If the Raptors were close to contending, I think Nash would have loved to play here. He knows there is absolutely no chance he gets a title shot with Toronto. No chance!

Would you sacrifice a chance at the title, knowing you have 2, maybe 3 years left tops, only to play for a team that happens to be in your country of birth? I won't.

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