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Originally Posted by MorriPage View Post
I'm not being argumentative here, but how many truly "elite" players have ever played for Toronto as a result of signing here of their own free will? Let's go down the list quickly:

Damon Stoudamire - drafted
Tracy McGrady - drafted
Vince Carter - drafted
Chris Bosh - drafted
Shawn Marion - trade (although elite is a term that I wouldn't really assign to him)

Those are just the ones that spring to mind.
In terms of high profile guys who played with the Raps

Hedo Turkoglu (this was a big deal, despite his performance, he was highly touted before he stepped on the court )

Antonio Davis (all-star, trade as well)

Hakeem Olajuwon (*slightly* similar to what Nash would have been just now, although Olajuwon had declined more severely then Nash)

Muggsy Bogues (another higher profile guy who was entering the twighlight of his career)

JO (trade, obviously didn't workout, but this was a big deal at the time as well).

BUT Here is my major argument:

At one point, the raptors were in possession of VC, Marcus Camby, Damon Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Tracy MacGrady and Alvin Williams. All NBA all-stars at or going into their prime. The culture was different back then, but now with the Raptors ability to spend and the trend of putting together "super teams" I don't think we would have been forced to trade players like we were. 10 years ago TMAC and VC couldn't play together, now thats exactly the same as having Wade and Lebron or KD and Westbrook on the same team. Similar with being able to retain players like Camby and Stoudemire and VC and Bosh.

This franchise has had bad luck, Tmac wanting to be a star on his own, Alvin suffering a career ending injury, not being able to move Bosh, and riddled by some devastatingly poor management decisions, Trading Camby for Oakley to make a "run", drafting Hoffa, moving significant pieces like Roy Hibbert to chase a dream of getting another star JO-Marion-Barbosa.

There is HOPE, despite how bleak things look.

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