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07-05-2012, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by MorriPage View Post
Let's not be naive here. Players play in the NBA for their livelihood. They play for country for the honor. Nash's concerns, at least as far as basketball goes, should always have been NBA team first, national team second. I have no issue with the way he's done things. He put in a ton of years with Canada's basketball program as a player. He's entitled to make the decisions he made.
Youre really going to say that his "livelihood" was in question? Like if he never got another contract hes going to be broke, living on a bench at city hall? Nash already had more money in 2007 then 99% of us would have in 10 lifetimes of working 9-5 and you want me to cry for him argentina?

Nash showed a lack of character for refusing to play for Canada in the olympics. Sure he's intitled to make the decision but I'm not going to pat him on the back for being a selfish Dbag. It's once every 4 years for godsake. You suck it up for your country and your fans in your country.

Now he has shown a lack of character by refusing a perfectly acceptable offer from the Raptors and deciding he would be better off riding Kobes coat tails to a championship. How could you even feel proud of a championship like that? That's what I've never understood about players who join teams just to win championships. Nash is a selfish *****, I'm done with him and done talking about him.

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