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07-05-2012, 12:31 AM
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Nash deal fallout article from ESPN, including a brief bit on what it means for Toronto:

And then there are the Raptors. Whoa, the poor Raptors. Toronto went for sentiment over logic, prioritized Nash over Dragic and Jeremy Lin, and badly misread Nash's desires. Patriotic sentiment was nice and all, but it wasn't going to put Toronto any closer to his kids no matter how much the Raptors offered.After 48 hours went by and the Raptors couldn't get a yes, they might have got a bad feeling about this, but instead they doubled down by offering Landry Fields a ridiculous three-year, $20 million deal. The idea was to blow up any sign-and-trade deals the Knicks could offer Phoenix, with the assumption that the Knicks were the Raptors' main competitor, but New York had another one lined up involving Iman Shumpert anyway. Meanwhile, Toronto never saw the Laker deal coming.
Now, at least, they won't blow a huge pile on Nash, but there's the little matter of the abysmal Fields contract -- presumably the Knicks will be laughing too hard to bother matching -- which will likely require them to lose Jose Calderon (to amnesty) and Jerryd Bayless (by renouncing his rights) to sign any other free agent of consequence.
Nonetheless, this probably saved the Raptors from a costly diversion on their road to rebuilding, and their books are clean enough that Fields' contract won't ruin their equally impressive cap-space hoard for next summer. Toronto can resume the slow, boring process of building a sustainable winner, an area where it has already made considerable progress. Meanwhile, one hopes this setback will discourage the Raptors from chasing shortcuts so enthusiastically next summer.


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