Thread: Confirmed with Link: Rangers sign Kyle Jean
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07-05-2012, 03:10 AM
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Originally Posted by petejudge View Post
this kid was definitely the standout of the scrimmage i saw. i've seen his highlights and one full scrimmage and i'd honestly say i'm impressed. might be a fine 4th liner this, but will most likely be an AHL depth player for now. i think he could crack the 3rd line in the near future though, i like him a lot.
I saw the scrimmage after everyone else, and had seen all the positive reports, and after like the first 1/3 of the scrimmage I was about to go out in full steam and trash the kid. He had a bit of that Brodie Dupont/Dane Byers/Ethan Werek/Greg Moore look about him, IE the motor just did not seem to be there. These guys never makes it to the NHL if they can't get a move on on the ice. It don't matter how fast they can skate at top speed, it don't have to be pretty. But you need to have, or develop, a bit of natrual quickness to play in the National Hockey League. Like a Jed Ortmayer got that, but a Greg Moore does not. And in that sense, even in a player like Justin Soryal, who is way too top-heavy to skate well etc, you can atleast see that more direct skating style who gets him going atleast, while the Brodie Dupont types just fights against the law of physics much more.

And Kyle Jean is 22 y/o, and did play against mostly 18-19 y/o's.

But he definitely won me over some. He is big and strong and uses that to his advantage. But that won't win him a spot in the NHL. Ever. But he had like almost some Johan Franzen about him. He didn't accept that he was trapped in his big body and had players all around him and no option than just loosing the puck, instead he always tried some move or thought 2-3 plays ahead to make something out of the situation. That's no guarantee for him to make it to the NHL. But he could definitely be worth looking into.

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