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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Even if it was (which I disagree with), I wouldn't see any cause for concern.

I actually had a discussion about this with Mrs. Bee at lunch. We went to Five Guys at Polaris, and she was looking through the roster sheet that she'd picked up down at camp. I started comparing it to football, and the next thing I know, I've got the bag torn open across the table and am using french fries to illustrate what I was talking about.

Basically, a camp like this is going to be a chance for everyone to demonstrate their physical skills. It's a lot like what they say in football, which is that "everyone looks good in shorts and t-shirts". Whether it carries over to a game situation is a hell of a lot more important. We saw how many previous development camps where everyone looked like a budding NHL star, then they'd get out in there in preseason games and look completely overwhelmed. It should have been more apparent to me sooner that the mental/intangible factors more than account for physical differences.

Whether someone has a cannon shot makes no difference if they can't put themselves in a position to use it, and whether they can skate like the wind means nothing if they don't know where they're going and why. So I'll withhold actual judgment on anything meaningful until the preseason.
What did she have to say?

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