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07-05-2012, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
I think the big difference here is what fans of the teams are willing to give up and what GM's are willing. Brayden Schenn can still be a number 1 center in this league, let's remember this is his second full season in the NHL. Luke Schenn is still very very young for a defender who is developing. Change of scenery and a new coach could do the kid wonders. Of course saying all this I always look at the positives in the situations, those players could regress or simply not develop any more. To package the brothers and another 1st rounder is a ton to give. I know it's Weber, but if the price is extremely high like that, you might have to pass. Just like what is going on with Ryan right now.

Also I wouldn't mind seeing Schenn with Giroux, he could be a great scoring winger for him I think. They did play some together during the playoffs if I remember correctly.

Trade Voracek+Coburn and try as hard as you can to sign Doan.

I just think whenever one of these players like Weber or Ryan are traded, the team giving them up will lose no matter what. The return is never as good as it seems.(there are exceptions of course)

I would really just hate to see the brothers leave before we even get the chance to see them play and develop together.
Wait, is your premise that B. Schenn + L. Schenn > Voracek + Coburn from the Flyers perspective, or that the Schenns wouldn't get the trade done? If it is the latter, I can buy that, but if it is the former, I massively, massively disagree. I can see a case for Brayden over Jake, but if Luke tries really, really hard, he might, one day, turn into Coburn.

If you look at the line-ups after the respective trades, without any other moves, or with the same other moves, it is pretty clear to me that the Flyers are better off giving up the Schenns than Voracek + Coburn.

Option #1 (Trade Schenns +)

Mezsaros-MAB / Etc.
Option #2 (Trade Voracek + Coburn +_
Hartnell-Giroux-Read / Simmonds
Schenn-Breire-Read / Simmonds

Meszaros-MAB / etc.
In either case, we need to work on the fourth line, but that first option has better balance across its forwards, and the defensive pairs are pretty strong--.

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