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07-05-2012, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
Wait, is your premise that B. Schenn + L. Schenn > Voracek + Coburn from the Flyers perspective, or that the Schenns wouldn't get the trade done? If it is the latter, I can buy that, but if it is the former, I massively, massively disagree. I can see a case for Brayden over Jake, but if Luke tries really, really hard, he might, one day, turn into Coburn.

If you look at the line-ups after the respective trades, without any other moves, or with the same other moves, it is pretty clear to me that the Flyers are better off giving up the Schenns than Voracek + Coburn.

Option #1 (Trade Schenns +)

Option #2 (Trade Voracek + Coburn +_

In either case, we need to work on the fourth line, but that first option has better balance across its forwards, and the defensive pairs are pretty strong--.
It's not that I think Schenn+Schenn is better than the other deal, it's just I don't really think we should trade the brothers. If we could work something out with Voracek being the main forward going back for Weber, I would be satisfied. I actually think Voracek might hold a reasonable amount of value around the league too. He is still 23 and still developing. He could be a 60-70 winger for a top line somewhere. Also the whole Voracek+Coburn deal is based around it would help Nashville out more now and in the next two to three years. Schenn's still need more development, so making a move for them will set the franchise back some. They would need some players that can step in and absolutely contribute at this level a way they know they will. You know what you will get out of Coburn and Voracek, the Schenn's are still a wild card.

I don't know, it might be wishful thinking on my part, but I really want to keep the Schenn's. Your options about the roster are not that bad for both trades I think actually. Doan would look good with the Flyers, type of player Homer and management loves. How about Jason Arnott for the 4th line also? Maybe he goes deeper into summer without a deal, and could bring his price down somewhat?

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