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Originally Posted by AP View Post
Here is something I don't understand from many who are both Coyotes and Suns Fans.

Many of you are disgusted that Steve Nash wanted to play for a rivai team and got his wish.

Many of you as well have would have no problem seeing Shane Doan signing with a rivial team in the same city that Steve Nash is going to play in.

Could somebody please explain that one to me?

I get that there are 2 different leagues, 2 different businesses, 2 different circumstances of these franchises. I also get the Lakers are the Arch rival of the Suns and the Kings, depending on who are ask, are either our arch rival now or about to be as a result of Dustin Brown's play in the WCF as a huge factor in the rising hate towards the Kings.

However, both men did whatever they could in their control to try and bring a title to their team but the factors beyond their control have not worked in their favor. For both players, bad management played a huge a role in not winning it all despite having an owner but in Doan's case the past 3 seasons, played with no owner but with good management that is limited on what they can do.

Steve Nash knows he is not going to win a NBA title with the Suns and he has earned the right to leave on his own terms. Doan has earned the right to leave on his own terms as well if he wishes. If there is no new owner soon, like Nash, Doan is going to be a player up there in age that wants a chance to win it all and knows very well that it's not going to happen with a team that he spent a good chunk of his career trying to win it all with.

So far there is still a chance Doan could win it all in a Coyotes Jersey, but only if a new owner comes in soon and that new owner makes the right moves as well.


As someone who years ago was a basketball fan, but got turned off the sport years ago, not just NBA, but really don't care for college or any hoops anymore, I don't even care. But still I see a difference. I think longtime Suns fans see LA as a bitter nemesis; at least as a team that kept the Suns from advancing far in the 1980s & 90s. I imagine the Kings do not fit that bill for us Yotes fans; we'd be more disgustedif Shane Doan signed with the RedWings than we would if he signed with the LaKings. Just a hunch. Even though the Kings stopped us this year, historically, it's been the Wings who crushed our hopes, not the Kings.

That's my guess. See if any Suns fans even read this hf forum and respond...

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