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Originally Posted by ClemQ View Post
hey....if you dont believe me, do a a little research and see for yourself who the scout is for the calgary flames in the atlantic provinces.
i'm not selling him short. The reality is, if the flames thought so highly of him, they would have drafted him. They proved that with their 1st pick (Jankowski). You invite players to see if there's an outside chance they fit with the other prospects, especially since Johnston didnt play many games and the games he did play, he barely played. So, barely playing for a mid pack team is not really overwhelming any scouts. Lots of those players will never get another invite. The one's that do fit with the other prospects, generally will get drafted the following year.
You dont have to agree with me, but, like yourself - i have a right to my opinion.
And like you, i dont have to reveal my name or my location or who i scout for. You dont have to believe me...i dont need your approval
And i could say im a scout for the Winnipeg Jets, but you don't have to believe me. To let you know you are not giving out your name, and location if you tell us who you scout for. Some teams have over 10 scouts so it wouldnt narrow it down any on who you are. But if you dont tell us, how can we believe you? Youre not telling us anything other than who you scout for.. But i dont believe it so dont bother making something up..

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