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Originally Posted by yotesreign View Post
As someone who years ago was a basketball fan, but got turned off the sport years ago, not just NBA, but really don't care for college or any hoops anymore, I don't even care. But still I see a difference. I think longtime Suns fans see LA as a bitter nemesis; at least as a team that kept the Suns from advancing far in the 1980s & 90s. I imagine the Kings do not fit that bill for us Yotes fans; we'd be more disgustedif Shane Doan signed with the RedWings than we would if he signed with the LaKings. Just a hunch. Even though the Kings stopped us this year, historically, it's been the Wings who crushed our hopes, not the Kings.

That's my guess. See if any Suns fans even read this hf forum and respond...
That is an excellent response right there since the judgement call here is based more on the degree of the rivaly and history of. Of course too, the Kings in the future could be the team(like the Red Wings) that could crush the Coyotes hopes of winning a cup and Shane Doan could be on the Kings to make that happen as well even if we do get an owner sometime after Doan leaves, if he does leave and plays for the Kings of course.

Hopefully Doan stays of course.

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