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07-05-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike McDermott View Post
Alright I need some patented OT thread advice:

So I have the daughter of one of managers who works for me. Said manager is very up front about the fact that she doesn't want her daughter getting into alcohol (or drugs).

I just over heard a conversation she had with another worker about how drunk she got last night and how she shouldn't have drank liquor after beer. (They didn't realize I could hear them from where I was)

Should I take this information to my manager?

Here are my worries if I do/don't

If I do and it gets to my crew that the information came from me I'm worried they either won't trust me or think I talk about every thing they talk about at work.

If I don't, I would feel I'm betraying one my managers. One who I highly trust. Also how would she feel if she ends up finding out and finds out I knew.
Don't do it. It will just stir **** up. I'm sure the manager will found out soon enough anyway.

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