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07-05-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich View Post
actually, Smyth asked Lombardi for a trade and the Oilers did not immediately jump at it. He was a 6 million dollar a year guy who might score 20 goals. Suddenly, the demand becomes public and Oiler fans go crazy about bringing Smyth back. Tambellini was forced to complete the transaction or the public would have hung him. (imagine Selane asking for a trade back to the DUcks if he leaves for a year)That is why Oiler mngt was pissed and offered Lomabrdi peanuts, they didn't like being forced into trading for a 20 goal 6 mill guy. Everybody thinks we fleeced the KIngs but the reality is that Smyth had one of the worst contracts in the NHL last year.

As for the injured players, Lombardi has since publically apologized and accepted 100% of the responsibility for the fiasco. Our doctors gave a clear indication of the health of both guys and the NHL doctors agreed with them. This is not the first time Lombardi has lost his head and it won't be the last.

Ironically, the Kings win the cup with Fraser and the immediately resign him.

I would love to see a quote from Shultz indicating he knew 2 months ago. From everything I read and heard, he had a very open mind until the very end. It was not an easy decision for him. I have not read one quote from the finalist GM's who thought they did not have a chance when they made their presentations.
GMs get paid good money to make tough decisions. Nobody forced Tambellini to make the deal. That is an extremely weak defense of the deal. And with all due respect, I don't think Smyth is as well loved anywhere as Selanne is everywhere.

As for the injured players, well, what did you expect Tabellini to say when caught with his hand in the cookie jar? And please don't blame the NHL for any of that. The league does not have their own doctors check the health of every traded player. Both of those players' health falls straight on Tambellini's shoulders. If he is that stupid to know who is healthy and who isn't (Starts giving new thought to the Souray fiasco too doesn't it?) you better fire him before he destroys your club.

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