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07-05-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by RangersFan View Post
i absolutely loved langdon. he was just so damn smart and tricky during fights. he didn't have the punching power but boy did he win a ton fights out smarting his opponent. and he would fight anyone, much bigger fighters and heavyweights and he would win. sure he didn't KO them, but he would more often than not come out on top. a few that stick out in my mind were his couple of bouts against stu grimson. the grim reaper was a mountain of a man, but langer would always beat him, convincingly too.
Now that last part I don't remember. Langdon struggled greatly against Grimson, hell, from 95-97 it seemed like Big Stu about destroyed all our guys - Langdon, Vandy, Churla.

If Lagndon had a weakness, especially his last couple of years, it was that he struggled with the super heavyweights - Grimson, McCarthy, Brashear, etc.

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