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07-05-2012, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Eddie Shack View Post
GMs get paid good money to make tough decisions. Nobody forced Tambellini to make the deal. That is an extremely weak defense of the deal. And with all due respect, I don't think Smyth is as well loved anywhere as Selanne is everywhere.

As for the injured players, well, what did you expect Tabellini to say when caught with his hand in the cookie jar? And please don't blame the NHL for any of that. The league does not have their own doctors check the health of every traded player. Both of those players' health falls straight on Tambellini's shoulders. If he is that stupid to know who is healthy and who isn't (Starts giving new thought to the Souray fiasco too doesn't it?) you better fire him before he destroys your club.
if you asked the casual Edmonton fan, they would be surprised to hear that Selane is as loved in Anaheim as Smyth is in Edmonton.

in this case, LA asked the league to investigate and the NHL doctors did examine the medical records. They came to the same conclusion as the Oilers doctors, not the KIngs' doctors. Those medical records were provided to the Kings who then agreed to the deal without doing their own due dilligence. Tambellini is not a doctor, he relied on his medical staff (who were proven correct) and just passed on their records.

Again, Lombardi admitted he was the one who over-reacted and apologized. There wasn't anything underhanded or stupid.

“I think we were able to work that out. That’s something that I have to apologize for. I was certainly frustrated, having to lose a player like Ryan Smyth, then getting in a bind with trying to replace him and there was a little gray area, as far as what we got back (in the trade with Edmonton). But, the bottom line is I should have never said what I said publicly. It was the wrong thing to do. I apologize to Edmonton, as well as the National Hockey League, that that wasn’t the way to handle it. As we sat down, we were able to come to some resolution. But, the bottom line, I was wrong in the way that I handled that and we move on. It was a tough situation losing a good player like Ryan Smyth. It’s kind of been one of the things we run up against, (when we) talk about the building process – whether it was Ryan or Drew (Doughty) holding out or going to Europe. These were all the things you confront. But, regardless, that was the wrong way to handle it.”

“Our medical people were quite clear and consistent and confident with their assessment of Colin,” said Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini to the Journal’s Jim Matheson in early July. “He had time in the offseason to rehab his foot. There was some delay (healing) with it, but our doctors told us he could begin full training for the upcoming season by Wednesday (in six days time).

“Post-trade, our doctors have spoken with their doctor, who wasn’t totally familiar with Colin and explained their assessment to him. The conversation went very well. What they (the Kings) decide to do with the player is up to them. He’s their player.”

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