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Originally Posted by ClemQ View Post
too bad none of you can read.....i said most teams have 1 scout in atlantic canada. Not 1 scout in total. i'm not surprised with your difficulty understanding.
Your statement was "Some teams dont have a scout in atlantic canada (shawinigan, rouyn, Val d'or, drummondville as examples)". You cited these four teams as examples of teams that do not have scouts in atlantic canada.

All I did was point out that 2 of the 4 teams you claimed not have scouts in atlantic canada do infact have scouts based in NS who do attend a lot of games.

Pretty simple to understand.

Tough to get on here and ******** people about who you are and how much you know when you give us such a glaring example of how you don't know what the facts are.

I don't know about Val d'or or Drummondville but I do know about Shawinigan and and Rouyn ... so there is your lesson for the day.

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