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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
At this point I'd be happy if they traded Schwartz for Gormley and re-signed Langenbrunner or similar and call themselves done.

Gormley is going to be a top-pairing guy in the NHL. It might be immediate, it might take a year or two until he's really comfortable. Here are the last eight WJC best defenseman award winners:

Brandon Gormley
Ryan Ellis
Alex Pietrangelo
Erik Karlsson
Drew Doughty
Erik Johnson
Marc Staal
Dion Phaneuf

Gormley is a top talent on defense. Schwartz going to Phoenix makes sense. They are already loaded with top NHL defensemen and have plenty of top end prospects on D in the pipeline even without Gormley. But they are dry on top end forward talent and have lost Whitney and may lose Doan.

So Gormley could come right out of the gate the way Pietrangelo played two years after being drafted, or he could take some time blending in. The Blues with Cole would certainly be able to bridge any regular season time it might take Gormley to adjust.

Plus, you give up Schwartz, yeah that hurts but you have McDonald, Perron, Steen and Sobotka this year and the latter three are young for awhile. Plus there's Grachev, Veillieux and Tesink in their development stages now, with guys like Kurker and Maceachern starting their development, and obviously future drafts. Heck, maybe they'd even get lucky and land Doan. But the point is they wouldn't be hurting on the wings at any time, and they've solved the top-end dman problem. Yes, Yandle is an immediate fix and Gormley isn't quite settled in yet, but if you trade for Yandle you are definitely giving up someone off the roster you've been relying on.
I'm surprised that you would rather send Schwartz instead of Stewart? Any particular reason why?

I really don't want to move Schwartz, he's the #8 HF prospect for a reason, he very well may be able to replace Stewarts points this year and definitely by next year.

I'm just surprised to hear you offer up Schwartz up instead of Stewart. Well likely have to move Stewart anyway, if he rebounds he'll get a large raise, if he doesn't he will have lost any remaining value. I would imagine Stewart with maybe a small piece would be enough to land Gormley, who is still a prospect and all, his trade value should be a top 6 winger, and well, Stewart on Phoenix is a top 6 winger.


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