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07-05-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Meatwagon View Post
I'm surprised that you would rather send Schwartz instead of Stewart? Any particular reason why?

I really don't want to move Schwartz, he's the #8 HF prospect for a reason, he very well may be able to replace Stewarts points this year and definitely by next year.

I'm just surprised to hear you offer up Schwartz up instead of Stewart. Well likely have to move Stewart anyway, if he rebounds he'll get a large raise, if he doesn't he will have lost any remaining value. I would imagine Stewart with maybe a small piece would be enough to land Gormley, who is still a prospect and all, his trade value should be a top 6 winger, and well, Stewart on Phoenix is a top 6 winger.

I won't speak for P9's but you have to look at the situation from the Coyotes perspective. You laid out the two logical scenarios that any team acquiring Stewart will face next summer. Would the most budget conscious team in the league rather have that type of player or a cost controlled, big upside rookie as the return?

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