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07-05-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
And it makes you look like the annoying know-it-all dips***t who sat at the front of the class because you know all the answers and wouldn't share your little nugget of useless information with the others who asked you about it before in this thread.

Bravo, buy yourself a box of gold and silver stars and stick five of them on your forehead. You most certainly "earned" them. lol.
Its cool buddy. You swung for the fences to have a big moment, and tried to post a PWNED response. You aggressively put down my position based on something you thought was fact and pointed and laughed. It is kind of like going for a hail marry pass to win the game only to realize you can only throw the ball 40 yards. Thud on the 30 yard line.

I was somewhat nice pointing out your noodle arm but then you throw this hostile response out. Chill out dude. If you are going to go into battle wearing your forum armor either check your facts or be prepared to look stupid.

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