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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
NHL dmen are always worth more and in more demand than NHL wingers when you compare position to position as the standard "build from the goalie out, strong defense and strength down the middle" the standard operating practice in the NHL. Thus making wingers the least important ingredient in generally accepted team building practices.

Luke Schenn began his NHL career at 18 and played for the Leafs through age 21 (4 seasons and +300 NHL games by the time he turned 22 and didn't play a single game in the AHL. This is not the norm by any standards of a young defensive dman making the NHL and contributing regularly so early on.. Try and name other examples of young defensive dmen breaking in at such an early age around the league that have 300 NHL games under their bet by age 22? Its an exception not the norm..

Jake Gardiner for example is only 7 months younger and just completed his 1st NHL season at age 21.. Kadri a forward a much easier position to make the NHL jump at earlier age is nearly 22 and still has not established himself, yet despite his late start Leaf fans believe he has top end potential still.. So I think Leaf nation is not giving the situation enough value as to Schenn's situation, and he is almost getting punished because he accomplished more at a younger age than most NHL dmen do, and be evaluated solely on those unexpected early contributions. He lead all NHL dmen in hits last year and physical, crease clearing dmen is a great commodity in today's "defense wins championships" methodology.. So his value now with all that investment Leafs have made in his development is now going to be the benefit of another team rather than the Leafs.

That doesn't suggest JVR does not have potential, but another winger on a team that really has nothing but wingers Kessel, Lupul, Kulemin, etc already with Frattin and Kadri hoping to make the jump soon, really didn't address a true organizational need when they sacrificed Schenn in trade, other than added some size here.

Had Leafs waited as the OP suggest his value would have increased with more teams now wanting to man up to compete with what Minny did, and simply law of supply and demand take over as the market shrinks for available Dmen their value increases.
Kadri has undeniable talent, he just needs to mature physically.
Schenn is mature physically, but, he has no talent.

He may have led the league in Hits, but, he never cleared the crease, and NONE of his hits ever disengaged the player from the puck.

I have used this analogy before, and it is valid ...Schenn is like a Pinball Bumper.
He hits the player, and the player just keeps on going.

He lost most all of his boards battles, and that is scary because he is bigger and stronger than most of the players he was up against. He lacks Hockey Sense, and he lacks Pure Talent.

He is nothing moe than a Speed bump on the way to the net for any opposing player, and a speed bump that can be bypassed with speed.

...then again, I have never been a Schenn fan (either brother)

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