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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Pat Gillick wasn't here when the core was drafted. Ed Wade was -- though I think the current front office/scouting infrastructure has pretty much remained the same. Gillick just made some shrewd low risk/high reward additions to the core while also pulling the trigger on some horrendous trades (see: Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez for Freddy Garcia). That's how it goes.

The team can start to commit more to the draft and start rebuilding that way, but baseball isn't like the other three major sports. It'll be at least three years before you start seeing any returns from the rebuild-through-the-draft approach.

I'd share more of your optimism about keeping this group together and making a few tweaks for next year... if this group hadn't been slowly eroding in quality for three years now. You can point to last season's 102 wins, but that team, as it proved against the Cardinals, was overrated and fattened up on the bad teams while struggling against the top contenders and good starting pitchers.
Agreed. They need to try and regain some of the lost talent while they have the opportunity. This season is a wash. Our talented farm system has been wiped-out the last few years attempting to win a championship. Gose, D'Arnaud, Singleton, Cosart, Drabek, etc. all blue chippers.

They need to build depth in the system. Texas is a perfect example of building a franchise the right way. They are set up to compete for the next decade. They're cupboard is absolutely stacked.

They have to get younger. Rollins, Howard, Utley, Lee, Halladay, Ruiz- all on the wrong side of 30. They don't really have anyone entering their prime other than Pence and his contract is up next year. Dom Brown is an enigma. It's a recipe for disaster. Young guys also help lower your payroll allowing you to spend in other areas.

Blanton (yeah I know)

I'd trade them all if possible. Even if they just take a lottery ticket on a longshot. Hopefully Toronto stays in the hunt. They have a deep system.

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