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Yes, or they shouldn't have traded him at all but rather continued to develop him as he is only 22 and most Dmen don't even make the NHL until this time, while Luke already has 4 years under his belt. Or they could have chosen to get rid of other defenseman first among the current group if it was a numbers issue.

If the Leafs were going to trade him it should have been in a deal that returned a #1C or #1G, which is a position of need for the team.

Schenn was traded in hopes the opening on D would secure Justin Schultz, and that backfired big time on the Leafs after he signed in Edmonton. Otherwise as you say, what was the rush as it could have waited until later this summer when teams are looking for Dmen all over the league.
Yeah, we traded that 22-year old from a position of strength who had all this potential and only got back a player style of need who was about the same age with more potential. What a loss by the Leafs, eh? Just like everything, eh?

You have no idea why Schenn was traded, or if we could have traded him later. Don't make stuff up.

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