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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
There's absolutely a context to everything. And the context to this story is that Eller had an insanely tough assignment for his age and experience, yet he still produced.

Whereas DD has a relatively easy assignment, one that was conducive to produce. That's the morale behind the story.

I'm not guaranteeing Eller would have outproduced him, but all signs point to Eller producing much more if he's not put in a borderline impossible situation like he was last year.

To get back to my point, longterm I think Eller is better suited to that position. DD did great last year, and no one can take that away from him, although if I am correct no one is trying to take that away from him, despite how defensive some Habs fans got when I mentioned his name (not you)
I think that's a very fair assessment.

I'd add that I don't doubt for a second that DD could over the course of the next 1-3 years make enough of a jump in his game as to make himself invaluable in a top-6 role on any team... I just lean more to Eller as being the better long-term fit -assuming both make the most of their potential.

If Gally is the real deal, and can play solid/effective top-6 minutes in 2-3 years, having a Gally-Eller-Pleks trio down the middle could be fantastic. All three play very good two-way hockey and can play in all situations, Gally/Eller having large enough frames to take up space and impose themselves physically.

but until Gally forces that issue, it's a bonus to have two young guys like DD & Eller who have the potential for significant growth in their games (and are already at great price/impact value).

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