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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
Well then I guess I made the whole thing up for ***** and giggles. **** me.

I don't really care one way or another, but the last thing I want to see around the Flyers is a prima donna with an agent who makes Bonnie Lindros look reasonable. If Semin is none of those things and can tell his agent to **** off, then maybe he'd be a good add if the price is right.

I seriously doubt that all of those things fall into line, and Homer clears a contract or two.

PS - if he was superb offensively and defensively and a good character, wouldn't you think there would be more teams after him than Parise?
No one is saying he is a better all around player / character then Parise.

What people are saying is he should fall into the stupid, ignorant, nonsensicle sterotype that just because he is Russian he must want to be in the KHL and needs an introduction to his own zone.

He character has been brought into question, then again so has Pat Kane's.....

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