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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
No its not an intense dislike... its frustration that at this stage in his career he thinks we owe him something. The only dislike would be that I consider the Big 3 currently to be Rondo PP KG and he isn't even in the conversation anymore and if he thinks he is he's crazy.

I think he is an enourmous question mark for next year (and one that isn't going to be happy if he plays less than 20 minutes in a game.) Pierce and KG I know what to expect and a slower version of each is still a great player. A moody Allen who has lost his stroke (he struggled with FTs this year even though he did find his game eventually in the playoffs) isn't going to help us much.

If Ray wants to piggyback to a ring in Miami it takes a notch off his legacy here and there's no chance I say anything good about him until he retires or leaves the heat I promise you I will have an strong dislike then (its OK for fans to have all sorts of different opinions of a guy under those circumstance...I still love Manny Ramirez but lots of Boston fans don't unfortunately since they listen to the media.)

Rajon Rondo does things no other NBA point guard does. He is a pure distributor. Rose and Paul are good players but they are volume scorers who need a ton of shots. A scoring PG like Jeremy Lin could step into Chicago or LAC's teams and emulate Paul and Rose and just be a poor mans version of them...Jeremy Lin could never ever ever be a poor mans Rondo even in his dreams he wouldn't be able to see the court and pass the ball like Rajon.

2 years ago saying we'd be a 500 team without good players around him would be true. Right now I think he'd carry any NBA team to the playoffs. Rondo is equally comfortable dishing the ball on the break or in the fast court too, the offense can go at any pace with him.

Because he has elevated his game so much I don't really care about his off-court behavior and immaturity (we have KG around 3 more years we're fine in that area.)
Give me proof that Allen believes that he is owed something. I have not seen one quote attributed to him thatr even remotely insinuates that he believes the team owes him anything.

Your making him out to be a jerk...and as such, its on you to PROVE that. If you cant, then your statements are flat out wrong.

And for Ray Allens on court play....who was the ONLY member of the Big 4 to show up in the seasons first month?

Easy answer....Rondo, Pierce and KG were jokes on the court during that time. Ray Allen CARRIED them.

And furthermore, until his INJURY, he was the leading or 2nd leading scorer on that team. He was the most consistent scorer that the team had. Pierce was a pale shader of himself for the entire season. KG didnt even remotely play well until he was moved out of the 4 and into the 5 spot on the court.

The ONLY thing that derailed Allen was the ankle. If that injury had not occured, this thread wouldnt even exist. Furthermore, Avery Bradley....who, BTW had been GOD AWFUL prior to Allens injury, would never have seen the light of day.

The ONLY thing that makes him a question mark is the ankle.

And also....Bradley started becoming ineffective once teams saw him more than once, and the book was written on him.


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