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Way too early to be anointing Feaster as anything. So far he hasn't done anything great and hasn't done anything horrifically bad. If I have a problem with him it's probably he shows no clear sign of a plan.

Just want the OP to explain some of his points.

Originally Posted by BVicious View Post
Backlund - Feaster called him out and said he needs to be better. He publicly called him out an is now playing hard to get with that contract. Now, I know Backlund loves it in Calgary, his GF is from here and he wants to stay. This is Feaster way of getting that 'contract' year out of him. Which is why he will offer a 1 yr deal to get the most out of him.
This is a sign of sheer brilliance? Knowing a player was injured the majority of last season and is entering his second contract with no leverage, and making him sweat to lowball him? What other General Manager wouldn't make a similar move?

Wideman - cheaper than Carle, tad more than Garrison. Great deal and could he already produces more than our own Dmen.
Wideman's contract actually set the market, so Feaster didn't get Wideman cheaper than Carle or a tad more than Garrison. The Carle and Garrison signings were a result of the Wideman signing. Feaster made the signing by projecting what the market was going to look like. Was he right, or did he set the market higher than it needed to be? We don't know for sure, but the hockey world sure didn't think much of the signing.

You also can't say that Wideman will out produce any of our current defensemen. He may, or he may experience the same drop in production that other players experience when they come to Calgary. Maybe Hartley opens things up a bit and both Giordano and Bouwmeester experience an increase in scoring, surpassing Wideman? We won't know until the puck is dropped. Feaster is hoping that Wideman will contribute to more goals for than goals against, and that is a gamble. We'll know for sure how wise the decision was over the next couple of seasons, or how quickly Wideman replaces Bouwmeester as the fans' new whipping boy.

Hudler - decent signing. Term is a bit long but from what I hear, he is an amazing teammate. Feaster is staying true to changing the culture. Helm's GF is from Winnipeg and my buddy spent some time with him this week. He asked about losing Lindstrom and Hudler, and he said Hudler is a way bigger loss than a lot of Media or Fans understand. That's a positive sign.
It is an okay signing. Good term and hopefully a good value. Didn't address the biggest need on the team; a center who can win a face-off. Unless a trade takes place, we're now forcing Cammalleri out of position and hoping it works. Seems like an extension of the same stuff this club has done for the past 20 years.

Cervanka - cant comment but low-risk high reward.
A good gamble. Has potential to be good, but has potential to be bad. Lots of late bloomers have come over and been busts. Feaster gets marks for trying. Is kind of strange he would think it wise to bring in an unproven player, guaranteeing him top six minutes, and moving a winger out of position, rather than keeping our top center until we have something proven to back fill him.

Feaster is doing great things. Hired the right coach for this group. Hired Gelinas which is awesome. Brought the right guys so far for the culture change, an he isn't afraid to make hockey trades.
How do you know this is the right coach for this group? What akes Gelinas such a good hiring? Because he was part of the 2003-04 team that made it to the finals? Who are the right guys he brought in to change the culture? I see a coach that Feaster has a long relationship with and was a guy mentioned as a possibility when Feaster was highered as the interim. Hartley brought his own guys with him, so that wasn't really Feaster. Based on history, how is this different than what Sutter did as GM?

I like this guy. He is doing exactly what I had hoped.
Really? These are the things you had hoped? I can honestly say that not a single one of these moves were anything I had in mind. They are interesting, but fraught with massive bust potential. I'm willing to give some of these things some time, but I don't see a real plan or any major indications of genius.

I just think the little things he's done are great. GlenX and Tangs contract was amazing IMO... Ate Cammy deal was a steal, and we got Byron and Butler for a 7 million cap dump, cuz he did get that pick back.
Glencross deal was great. Tanguay deal was okay with some potential problems down the road as the term was too long. The Cammalleri deal was mediocre at best as Cammy will have to really perform for the deal to prove a winner. The Regehr deal was also not a great one. Cap space is only worth something if you use it to address major needs in your lineup. Those major needs are still outstanding.

I didn't mention the Drafting because I feel is assistant does more than he does in terms of picks. Feaster said so himself. Feaster was more involved in the interviews and identifying what we need.
The guy you should be giving credit for the draft and such is Wiesbrod. He's the guy calling the shots in that regard. It was he who made the call on not trading away the first round draft pick from this draft for a player at the deadline. Feaster was ready to pull the trigger. It was Wiesbrod who went out on the limb and made the call on Jankowski. Feaster had nothing to do with it but trust his guy's judgement.

This is what I like about Feaster. He has surrounded himself with good hockey people. He acknowledges he is not the smartest guy in the room and brings in people who know their stuff. If Feaster is displaying any sort of genius it is by acknowledging his individual weakness and fortifying it with the brilliance of others. That is a breath of fresh air for a hockey club that has been under the control of a string of managers who did things based on their knowledge over that of others. Cheers to Feaster for surrounding himself with some pretty good hockey guys that have shown the wherewithal to make some ballsy decisions.

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