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07-05-2012, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I don't disagree but we have 8m in space + 7m in Gomez, after signing Subban would we really leave ~ 10m in space? If Gomez weren't here we would've made big moves imo
If there were big moves to be made the Habs could have just buried Gomez. Like they can still do as well, and will be able to do at any point in the next 2 years should they choose.

I seriously don't buy that Gomez hindered them from signing anyone.

Even if Molson was more about money than about presenting the best team....having Gomez in the line up at that cap hit is a colossal negative for any team. I still think he'd realize that the best chance at better profits is longer playoff runs and obviously using that 7.3 in cap space elsewhere would improve the team to that end.

But what are they going to do? To bring in any big impact player they'd have to deal one of Price, Subban, Pacioretty or Galchenyuk (or at the time just the 3rd overall) and the free agent market is pretty bare.

I would love to see Semin, but that's obviously not in the cards.

The Habs have lots of assets who are anywhere from 9 months-2 years away from possibly getting a lot, lot better.

Some cases, like Eller and Emelin they are already in the NHL and a little older. Some guys like Beaulieu and Tinordi may just be an impressive half season in the AHL away from being called up. I'd be shocked if 1 of them wasn't in the starting 6 in 2013/2014 and I wouldn't be surprised if 1 of them got some extended time late in this season. Though that would probably mean it's not that great a season.

Gomez needs to just go out there and play, which he can never do in Montreal, and not at that price.

I wish they would have re-entry waived him and taken the 3.75 cap hit for 2 seasons and sign Whitney to a 2 year 10 million deal. But it looks like the team had no interest in old top 6 guys. OR at least not enough interest in monetary value to get them to sign here.

I actually kinda like the Habs potential top 9 next year and depending on how he does in training camp it either does or doesn't include Gomez.

Eller apparently played wing for Denmark at the recent WC's. Can anyone confirm this?

He's arguably the best Danish player in the NHL yet he was on the wing there?

I dunno, I hate to move a young guy either but a young guy with some breakout potential (who got 16 goals last year) on the wing for a year or two isn't the worst thing in the world.

Gomez and Gionta have played well together


See it seems odd then unless White is playing center and Noeks is 13.

Bourque has scored lots in his career and Eller scored 16 last year. Both are big guys with some explosive speed, and can hit.

Give the teams 2 best wingers to the teams best center...because it's the smart thing to do. And then in 2 years time IF Galchenyuk decides it's time to be an NHL beauty you move Plekx to the Moen/Gionta line and Gomez is either waived or traded to a team.

Next season just comes down to Markov anyways in my opinion...if he can play, and play at a 5.75 salary d-man calibre level than this team is a legitimate cup contender. Along with 20 or so other teams, but still.

Even if he can play and be somewhat overpaid, play at a 4.5-4.75 level of his capabilities this team is one that will, health provided, safely make the playoffs and fight for division.

Team is getting very underrated by people lately.

Gionta had back to back 29 goal seasons and this year got 8 and had a huge half season injury, this team has 4 legitimate 25+ candidates, next season. As well as another guy I am almost certain will get 20, and another guy who is a lock for 20+ aside from those 4, and who may get 25+ himself. They also have some pretty good options for the 3rd and 4th lines, and a pretty good puck moving defence crew.

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