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Originally Posted by predwings View Post
Sad thing is...there's no more high-profile forwards to be had that anyone wants. Semin and Doan are the remaining forwards I would really put as "High-profile" Sykora? maybe. We could bring in offensive help but now we still have a monster gap on D we have to fill with either a trade or something else. Consider this like a game of chess. We've just lost our standing castle (Suter) and are reeling. We can sacrifice our other castle (Weber). For two castles and a pawn or we can continue to play an hope to god they don't just take our other castle from us.

In this scenario...winning is sometimes losing what you value most. We give Weber to the person who wants the most for him, bring in people who are more committed and sign them to long-term deals to make sure they stay committed. We use the pieces we gain and trade for more people to come in and sign other long-term deals. Mainly...we gotta get away from 2-3 year deals outside of our 3-4th liners. It would be better to keep our big guys LONG instead of just signing them with short-term deals and letting them walk.
What about Nash or Ryan?

They don't have to be free agents. We could get them via trade.

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