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07-05-2012, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
The team is more than just Shea Weber away from being a true Stanley Cup contender. For instance, there's "hope" that Meszaros returns to form and becomes the solid defenseman he showed he could be his first season here. There's "hope" that Coburn finally takes that final step in consistency and becomes a dominant defenseman night in and night out that he showed he can be during the final 20 games and the playoffs. There's "hope" that Grossmann can be that crease clearing presence that this team has sorely lacked. There's "hope" that Timonen will return to form and with less minutes, be in better shape come playoff time. There's "hope" that after rescuing Schenn from Toronto that he can be that elite shut down defenseman that's required to win championship. There's "hope" that Schenn and Couturier build off their solid first years and really step it up to the next level in their 2nd year. There's "hope" that Voracek finally brings his game to the next level and becomes a dominant offensive force capable of averaging close to a point per game while playing with Giroux and Hartnell. There's "hope" that Simmonds shows his 28 goals weren't a fluke and he's ready to add another 5 to 10 goals to his career high total. There's "hope" that after being in the league for 10 seasons that Hartnell finally realizes what he needs to do night in and night out to be successful.

That's expecting a lot and right now, I just don't see everything falling into place, especially when you consider how young this club is. Right now, I think the best thing this franchise can do is let the young players grow into their roles and take their lumps accordingly. Adding a guy like Weber now is the wrong time to do so. The club isn't ready to challenge for the Stanley Cup yet. People can rip on me all they want, but it's clear, this is not yet a Cup contending team. They are close, but they need to be patient with some guys so that they can make it to the next level. Once those guys have really rounded out their games and they are ready to challenge, then you add a guy like Weber.
Not that anything you said is wrong, but is there a single team in this league that doesnt have the same questions?

Vancouver.....Kesler needs to prove his consistency...Schneider still has a lot to prove...Edler's gotta rebound.....Scoring depth behind the Sedins still appears to be very, very shallow......

New York.....Will Gaborik bounce back after his surgery...can McDonagh prove this year wasnt a fluke...Will MDZ be able to round out his game and take that next step...Can Stepan establish himself as a dominant offensive player (a la Voracek)....Kreider needs to prove that his post season wasnt just a fluke.......

Pittsburgh......Michalek trade leaves a hole on the back Martin going to be a pile of crap again....will Fleury play like a real NHL goaltender.......

Hell, even the Kings still have question marks....Doughty still hasnt proven his consistency....Carter and had a very underwhelming season last year and needs to bounce back....Voynov needs to build on a decent rookie campaign.....Richards wasnt the Selke calibre player that he's capable of last year for the most part.......

It's silly to point to all the question marks on our roster when every single team in the league is dependent on "hope" in one way or another. I'm not saying we are the best in the league, but we are a young team that did well last season, and now we are one year older. With Weber on the back end, there is no doubt in my mind that this team is a contender.

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