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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
The problem is, no one is a "perennial" contender.

No matter how good you are at any point, not matter who you sign, no matter how much you spend - the window will close and you will have to rebuild.

Every single Cup winner since the lockout except one (DRW) picked in the top 10 within the previous 5 years - meaning all were built by sucking at one point in the very recent past.

I could possibly buy the argument that Suter should have been traded prior to the 2011-2012 season. Of course, I don't remember a whole lot of "trade Suter" threads at this time last year. I remember a whole lot of trade Weber and give his money to Suter. So anyone saying we should have traded Suter last summer is using hindsight, and that's not fair to DP.

But once the season started, and especially once we started playing well towards the end of the year - Poile did what he should have done - gone all in. The window for a championship was as open last year as it has ever been for this franchise.

It's closing now - what we do with Weber determines how long before it opens again.
This. Most teams who win the Cup did some form of loading up for that year. Not many teams win Cups or go to the Finals for years in a row anymore. The goal is to win the Cup, but not decimate your assets so much that you completely suck in the in-between years.

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