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07-05-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
He actually only struggled in about 1/3 of his AB's. The other 2/3 he hit over .300. He got sent down after hitting .296 with a.398 OBP the previous month because they traded for Pence, and refused to sit Ibanez for any amount of time. This year before the season even started they said he was going to spend a full year in the minors even though they had no Left Fielder.
This is what really pisses me off the most. They sent Dom back down just as he was starting to figure it out at the MLB level, as evidenced by his developing plate discipline. His defense sucks? Whatever, put him in LF and let him continue to contribute offensively. Choosing Ibanez over Brown out of loyalty to a veteran player was so ****ing myopic and stupid. Nearly inexcusable, really. It's not like Ibanez -- who was only useful every other month when he got hot at the dish -- was going to be a savior for the team anyway. It was beyond time to figure out if Brown could hack it in the majors.

The Phillies have thoroughly bungled the Dom Brown situation, and they deserve to be mercilessly ripped for it. The big guns in the front office have turned into a carbon copy of the Eagles, thinking they're smarter than everyone else and thumbing their nose at anyone who dare says otherwise. As this season is proving, they're not quite the geniuses they fancied themselves.

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