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07-05-2012, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by WarriorOfGandhi View Post
"Now, Coclaviavo, the Avs got themselves a really solid player here. No, he's not elite, not like a Pronger, but man, just great play all over the ice. Real solid, solid player."
"Peter, Colaiacovo actually played for Toronto, before he played with St. Louis."
"So he's used to wearing blue!"
(both commentors laugh for ten minutes)
"Ah...and remember folks, if the Avs win tonight, you can get a two dollar footlong at Subway tomorrow."
"Man, how many sandwiches could you get with Covlicci's salary, Mike?"
"Quite a few, Peter.[pause]Shane O'Brien turns the puck over and it costs the Avs in the dying seconds of the game...back after these messages."

Very accurate but that is why I love them.

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