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07-05-2012, 04:55 PM
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The reason i did not pick Ferland is because I do not think he will get much top 6 minutes in Abby. Ferland's game is more suited for the third line, and Ferland himself loves to hit. Troy Ward utilizes player's in which he can get the most out of them. This is why Nemisz was playing on the second line this year. Even though Nemisz is the best offensive threat on the team, which was indicated through the beginning of the year(where Nemo was putting up a 1.5 ppg) The team lacked a true shut down center. I can guarantee you that this will at the end of the day make Nemo a far more well rounded player. If Ferland can play a true shut down role, He may be moved to the second line but Ferland's game though is not one which focuses on shutting down the opposition. Ferland loves to punish the opposition and this is why i think Ferland will play on the third line with Banks. Yes I still think his a safe bet that Ferland will make the NHL I just do not believe he will ever be a top 6 forward in the NHL.

I think Ferland's potential is similar to Lance Bouma, He has very high probability to make the NHL, just will never be a true Catalyst. Whereas if Markus Granlund reaches his peak potential he may be a second line NHL forward. Markus Granlund is already playing in a stronger league then the AHL and coincidently is playing as a main man on a team. Next year he will probably end up being in top 15 in scoring, as this year he finished 32nd to my memory.

To sum everything up I simply believe that Granlund has a higher potential than Ferland's. Ferland may be the safer player, but all prospects are still like playing the odds. Alexandre Diagle was seen as a safe pick back in the day so we shouldn't trust anyone. If everything goes well with Granlund we could have an extremely talented offenisve player, and one who could also play both ends. I have always been big on this kid, as I have been watching this prospect for a while. If it were up to me I would have him third with Sven Bartschi, and Leland Irving in front of him andJohn Gadreau being a very close 4th.

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