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07-05-2012, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by hoosierpred View Post
Frankly yes, If you can get some combination of good players under contract and draft picks, heck yes. With Suter, I would have guessed at about a 10% chance of a cup at the beginning of the playoffs...No better. I know we were a lot of people's dark horse, but with our offense I was not convinced. Without him, and without getting a significant return in the form of a top 6 forward plus picks, I think the teams chances at the cup in the next 4 years is less than 10% altogether (2.5% chance a year), but still might have been somewhere around 6% a year with good compensation. So yeah, to me it looks like we have reduced cup chances overall with our handling of the situation.
It's impossible to tell what we've done for the upcoming season until we know what the roster looks like. There are teams that gut themselves at the deadline every season ... they're called sellers and usually are much closer to the cellar than the upper echelon of the league.

Since your concept is to trade players before the deadline that we don't have signed ... we'd have been out Bouillon, Weber, Suter on the backend without the ability to call up Blum since he isn't signed yet either ..... along with Wilson, SK, and Tootoo up front, and our backup goaltender would have been out as well, as would our 3rd and 5th goalies (Smith and Pickard). Even if you compromise greatly on your principal of trading unsigned FAs before or at the deadline, we'd still create holes in our roster that picks and prospects wouldn't fill for the immediate future. Rather than a #4 seed with home ice in the first round, we're probably looking at a low seeding if making the post season at all. That means fewer home playoff games and therefore less revenue. We still wouldn't have Suter now, but, maybe we'd have a pick or two who might develop into a NHL player at one point in the future.

Using your logic on NJ ... they don't make the finals because they wouldn't have their starting or backup goalie, nor would they have their leading playoff goal scorer (tied).

Teams ice the best club they can for that particular season. Worrying about how to maximize the return on a current player for five years down the road just means not accomplishing squat until that distant time .... maybe .... because consistently making such moves just pushes that maybe we'll be good date further into the future.

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