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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
And once more I'll say this : if you are looking for extra length, DO NOT even consider CCM as their pant lengths are shorter size-for-size than everyone else...
God, this entire quest for pants has been a headache.

So I had bought the Tackla 951s and I liked the length but once I got home and tried them on with all my gear I didn't really like the waist and drawstring setup. There was a definite limit to how tight it would go and I was at the point of fully cinched and they just fit.

So I went back to the store after being told the new Bauer pants with Tall sizes would be in. I spoke with a different salesman and he convinced me to buy some CCM U+ CL pants (Very pricey, but see below) after saying he had never heard of Tall sizes in Bauer pants.

Of course, I didn't recall the above warning from Aireaye about CCMs running short.

So one new element to search for pants: Every few months, I seem to fall on my back hip, right where there is zero protection, and the pain lasts for days. This week, I did it on both Tuesday and Wednesday, same side. It honestly feels like the bone could be bruised, it hurts like hell. I have to sit on a pillow when sitting on the floor with my little girl. So I'm keen to find pants with good padding in that area.

That's why I ended up with the CCM CLs. He started me with some midlevel CCMs but I could tell the butt protection wasn't there. The Bauers didn't seem to have it either but the CLs definitely did.

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