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Originally Posted by 210 View Post
I'm not 100% up on the NHL's arbitration rules but I believe they can still negotiate right up to just before the decision of the arbitrator is announced...and I think San Jose can walk away from the decision because the player selected arbitration. (SJ gets matching rights up to a certain percentage of the award...80%, maybe?)
Yes, the Sharks and Galiardi can negotiate up to the arbitration date and potentially agree to a contract on their own, and they (the team) can choose to walk on the decision if they want to. They are also the ones that get to decide if the arb award will be for a 1 or 2 year contract (must decide before the hearing commences).

If the awarded contract is for 1 year and is more than a set amount (I don't know what the threshold is now. It was like $1.6m coming out of the lockout and that amount scales based on league revenues) they walk away and the player becomes an UFA.

If it's a 2 year award under the same salary circumstances, the team's "walk away" rights instead cut the contract down to 1 year, upon completion of which the player becomes an UFA.

I don't believe there's any sort of matching right/offer sheet setup designed around arbitration.


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