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Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan View Post
First - I think it's really crappy the way this worked out, and I feel for the NSH fans.

I think it comes down to players having to be adults. Suter earned the right to be a UFA - so I don't have any problems with him wanting to test the market. But it sure seems now like it was a foregone conclussion that he wasn't going to resign - which is not what he told Poile. Poile can't make Suter sign a long-term deal, but IMO the player 100% owes the GM a realistic anwser to the question "What are you thinking come 7/1?".

I wholeheartedly understand that is a REALLY difficult discussion to have - but IMO Suter owed that to his teammates and his organization. If he knew he was goign to bolt - man up and tell Poile. As it is, he burnt bridges and looks like a coward IMO.
I got the sense all along that he was sort of beating around the bush as far as re-signing in Nashville. Over the course of the season, his supposed "issues" with our team were solved for him which I don't think he was expecting. He wanted us to prove we wanted to win. So we added a bunch at the deadline. He wanted us to prove we were committed to winning. So we threw a ton of money at him and more than 3 mil/year at a guy like Gaustad to prove we need these role players.

I think he was under the belief that he could make these requests and then leave because we wouldn't come through with those. Once we started to I got the sense that he started thinking to himself "Oh ****. I'm running out of ways to avoid re-signing. Now what do I do?" Luckily for him, Parise and Minnesota came calling and he was able to pull out a new list of excuses for "maybe" not re-signing. Family, "close to home", wife is from there, blah blah. The whole thing has always stunk of someone who always had next year's plans in the back of his mind.

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