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Originally Posted by ClemQ View Post
i do scout, i am from atlantic canada, and no, teams dont have 10 scouts. it shows how much you know about the business. most teams in the Q have 1 scout for atlantic canada. Some have 1 in each province, but, only a few teams. (PEI, Moncton, Halifax, Bathurst, to name a few) Some teams dont have a scout in atlantic canada. (shawinagan, Rouyn, Val d'or, drummondville, as examples)
NHL teams generally have 1 scout responsible for the Q, or 1 for the Q, and 1 for Atlantic canada, which also covers CIS hockey and the Q. There's your lesson on the business for today....come back for more tomorrow
I've been trying to think of a team who has had weak drafts when it comes to Atlantic kids..Trying to figure out what team you scout for.. Val D'or maybe ?

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