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Originally Posted by snovalleyhockeyfan View Post
Anyone following today's City Council arena hearing?!/ChrisDaniels5

From reading Daniels' tweets, it looks as if there's been plenty of fireworks, and we'e not talking about the 4th of July kind either....

Any thoughts, fellas?
Boy, that Ben Noble guy sounds almost qualified to work in Glendale city gov't.

Chris Daniels ‏@ChrisDaniels5

City's Ben Noble shows slide showing $44m shortfall, then admits its not accurate. Says he assumed zero events at ‪#SeattleArena‬ besides NBA.

City of Seattle's Ben Noble, who is making presentation, admits he's "not much of a sports fan." ‪#seattlearena

Ben Noble now acknowledges parking taxes were not factored in to these financial projections, and WOULD pay off debt. ‪#seattlearena
It appears that Seattle has hired the anti-Hocking.

Also, ominously:

BREAKING: Councilmembers Burgess, Licata tell me ‪#SeattleArena‬ MOU will have to be amended to proceed. Questions about $$ shortfalls, I-91

Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess: "We'll have to see some amendments to the MOU to minimize the city's risk" ‪#seattlearena

Councilmember Nick Licata: "We're using tax money to pay ourselves back, and that's not a return." adding.. "It will have to be amended."

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