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11-30-2003, 11:18 PM
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Here is my take on the game:

A game that could have gone either way. It was a great game between to good teams and I think that if that 4-2 goal hadnīt came this would have been a 4-3 Rangers win (maybe ) because that we were really pressuring the Leafs early in the 3rd and after that lucky 4-2 goal we hung our heads a bit and lost all our pressure.
That Barnaby call was really bogus and cost us a goal end of story.
Donīt wanna blame the refs tough we lost to a good team but we didnīt play bad we could just as easily have won.

Dunham: Didnīt stand out and I think he could have had that Tucker goal.

Poti: Our best blueliner tonight great game Tom!

De Vries: An okey game nothing more nothing less

Malakhov: Worst blueliner tonight just didnīt have it but worked hard tough.

Mironov: Shaky first period but then was rock solid. Love the hit on Fitzgerald

Kapsar: Great game this is not the Kaspar of a year ago he was mean and solid tonight.

Leetch: Leetch is getting it back now it seems. The timing and the puckhandling much better now. Nice to see.

Hlavac: Took the body a few times that was nice to see. Still tries to make the difficult play to often but scored a goal and worked harder then I have seen him to in a while.

Nedved: All over the place tonight prolly was our best forward.

Lindros: Really shouldnīt play wing at all doesnīt suit is game one bit.
Did show his class with that pass to Hlavac tough that was just a beauty.

Kovalev: Before his mistake. Great. After it awful.
Confidence problem all the way

Rucinsky: Flying again, Kovalev and Holik didnīt have it tonight so it was tough for him to be succesfull but you gotta love his play.

Holik: Good job standing infront of the goal creating havoc but other then that Holik didnīt have one of his better games.

Messier: Played really solid canīt believe his 42 years old however we canīt wear him down because if used proberly he can be a very valueable asset.

Simon: Maybe should have stepped up a bit more physicaly but Iīm expecting that on tuesday

Barnaby: Worked hard as always but didnīt to much else.

Scott: Wow does this kid hit or what? Give him more time please!

Lundmark: Playied good on the PK when he got the chance and I tought his line played well when giving the chance

Ortmeyer: Same as Lundmark basicly but he hits a bit more. Really like this kid.

Other comments:
Really hate Tucker whatta punk.
You gotta love Sundin tough did you see that play when he nailed Scott how many players would in the middle of the action turn around like that and apologize. True class act.

Great game between two good teams.
Nothing less then 2 points on tuesday boys!

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