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07-05-2012, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by SphinX View Post
Its just fantasticly weird we got both..

All my mates hate me, my day at work went smoooth and suddenly every guy rooting for Lucifers says Parise is ****
It's quite ridiculous. As someone said on here "ignored to hated" in one day.

I've tried to tell people why the team made this move, why the players came here (since apparently most can't read for themselves, and/or they'd rather have an opinion from a fan "in the know" I guess) and they are just so broken up about it or don't get it, or are so dense they refuse to see relative logic.

Parise is now overrated, the Wild are a joke, blah blah blah.


That said, my friends that are "actual" fans of teams that lost out on this sweepstakes were congratulatory. This is bigger than hockey, it's huge for the whole state, the surrounding states that are part of this market and for other teams here.

It also, in my opinion allows this team to step out from underneath the shadow of the North Stars a bit more. If this was the North Stars, the "ire" of the fans from these other teams wouldn't be as fierce, instead it is the upstart expansion franchise from the Cornfields-- regardless of the fact Minnesota has every state beat in terms of hockey history in the US. Only Canada can claim more.

In the end though, everywhere I go people ask what team do you like when they find out I'm a diehard hockey fan, and a lot of people (fairweathers, casual fans etc) are like The Wild? What?

Then you have to explain about the North Stars, and blah blah blah blah, and it's a smack in the face just about every time it happens.

This is one step to never having to do that again and for that I am thankful.

Originally Posted by WildFinn View Post
Thank you for the warm welcome, some day i will travel over the pond to see a game live.
Don't forget Cullen was actually born in Virginia, Minnesota where my family is from which has "Finntown".

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