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Originally Posted by foppagirl21 View Post
Hi everyone, Avs fan (and Sharks supporter) coming in peace. Boy, this trade sure did get messy, fast.

Paul Stastny and David Jones say "hello". McGinn was paired up with those two for the vast majority of the time after the trade. Stastny is first and foremost a play maker. While Jones is not a superstar by any stretch of the imagination, him and Stastny have developed great chemistry together. McGinn has meshed in well with the two of them (receiving passes and able to get those dirty goals). ...Stastny is no scrub.

And for those wondering, the Avalanche did NOT roll a "scoring line"- scoring was spread among the top three lines of (at the end of the season):

Mueller-Duchene-Olver/Hejduk/etc (that was more of a mish-mash line of random players; Duchene had a rough year as did Hejduk who played on the fourth line... yes, the fourth line, multiple times this season)

In the last twenty or so games (those that McGinn played in) there were two main lines: the O'Reilly and Stastny lines. 1a and 1b or 2a and 2b. McGinn also shared ice time with guys like Landeskog and O'Reilly towards the end of games, etc. To say McGinn was relegated to "third line duties" is completely false. Sorry for the essay/information about the Avs that 99.9 percent of you could probably care less about, but I just wanted to clarify some things. He did cool off the closer the Avs got to the end of the season, but so did the rest of his teammates. O'Reilly and Landeskog looked worn down. Downie suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery this off-season. Duchene still wasn't "clicking". Mueller... well, you all know how that turned out, sadly. Defense suffered, too.

I can completely understand where both McGinn and Galiardi are coming from in their arbitration filings. Galiardi had SUCH a showing in 2009-2010, especially in the playoffs. He hopes to get back to that, as do his employers. However, he has struggled mightily the last eighteen months or so. He has a lot to prove. Does he get paid according to his potential or what he has shown? The same can be said for McGinn. Does anyone know if anything like this has happened in a previous trade before? Crazy.

Hope I didn't rub anyone the wrong way and if I did, I apologize! I really want to be able to lurk this forum without feeling like an enemy
I don't really see any reason to apologize. Thanks for the input

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