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07-05-2012, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Rhodes 81 View Post
you go into the bathroom assuming nothing in there is gonna kill you but what happens when the black bear hiding in your shower comes out and you're caught on the toilet with your willy dangling just above the bowl and your pants around your ankles?

that's why we need another top 6 player at least this offseason. someone will get hurt and someone else will under perform. we have to be prepared to handle that.
Completely agree my friend. Look not all of us are gonna agree on who is best. That's not for us to decide we have no say in the matter. If we aren't re signing Sykora that's 52 goals we're losing out of the 216 we scored last season. That's 25 percent of our scoring right there. Now we got Zajac back. Don't wanna say how many goals he's good for. I said Palmieri, and Tedenby were both good for 15-20 each based on the seasons before. We all saw what happened to them.

We weren't a super high scoring team either. A bit above league average, but not top 10 when you take out the 12 goals we got for winning shootout games. Despite having 3 of the top 25 goal scorers in the league, and were one of two teams in the league with five 20+ goal scorers. One of them won't be back, and it appears another probably won't. Elias had a great season, Zubrus had his best season as a Devil points wise, Clarkson had what many people believe a well over performing season. Henrique had a great rookie season that he can hopefully match. It appears we're gonna have a goon in the lineup every night between Barch, and Janssen which will taint the anticipated CBGB production. Can't expect Kovy to score 50+ goals! We gotta do something! if not we might need 07/08 Marty to come back, and win a whole season for us. That, and try to win games 2-1 most nights.

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