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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
Never said that just said he saw what I saw. I put no faith in +- unless you believe Sarich is a better defenseman than Jbo as he has a +-. He also wasn't put in the same oppurtunites I saw abour 7 or 8 heat games this year and every game Byron was the best all around player. Also Byron had a ppg of .54 on the heat while Nemisz had ppg of .56 really he isn't drastically behind at all. He has also produced better in the Nhl than Nemisz and clearly Feaster believes he is the better player as he has been called up for more games than Nemisz.
The fact that Byron is a year older than Nemisz doesn't come into play in regards to callups? Also, shouldn't a player as dynamic as you suggest Byron is be ripping up the AHL? He certainly shouldn't be trailing Nemisz in scoring or all around play.

Byron is in real trouble with Calgary.He's too small to play on the bottom six and not skilled enough to play on the top six. He has skill, just not enough of it to stick in the NHL, even on a team as skill poor as the Flames. Nemisz has NHL size and is very good on both sides of the puck. Nemisz will have a career probably similar to David Moss. Byron will have a career more like John Rhealt, unless he steps it up and makes a guy like Cammalleri or Tanguay expendible this season, which is pretty doubtful. The one-year two-way contract tells you all you need to know about where Byron fits in the long term plans. He has to blow the doors off the team this year or he's likely not offered another contract come next July.

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