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Originally Posted by flyers0812 View Post
haha I've read it long enough i know whats out there.

On another note, quick question?

Some people (me), would not do this trade because it involved Voracek. I have no problem with Laughton or our 1st involved. I read through some of the pages, but would people do this same offer (gus, laughton, 1st) if it included Simmonds or Read? I realize there is a difference in value between the two so I expect more people to agree with the Read offer, but it'd give everyone a better read (no pun inteaded) on the situation.
Well I don't think Anaheim would do it for Simmonds, and probably not for Read either. And the Flyers really shouldn't do the deal with Read. Read is incredibly valuable for a cap team like the Flyers; unless you think his season was a complete fluke, he's going to be a 20-goal guy making under $1M. Matt Read isn't a sexy prospect because of his age, but instead of knocking his ceiling/upside why not value him for what he is? And right now, he's a better finisher than Jake. Jake is a better passer, but so far both guys are ~50 point scorers. And one is probably about to be quadrupling the other's salary.

Personally I like the idea of adding Ryan. He's more of a power forward (though size-wise he's not really bigger than Jake), and I think it's important to add that element in case Hartnell walks. I'd do a deal around Jake for Ryan, but considering their ages, salaries (pending, in Jake's case), and the somewhat narrow gap in production I don't think I'd add a ton. Jake + Gus + in essence 2 1sts to me is too much. Jake+Laughton+2nd I do probably do. And that's fair considering a signed long term and cheap Jeff Carter fetched Jake+high first and was criticized pretty heavily as an overpay. Jake+Laugton+2nd or Jake+1st+2nd and we keep Laughton. Or good luck shopping a somewhat disgruntled Bobby Ryan elsewhere.

But Jake+Gus+Laughton+1st is at least better than the foolishness Howson is demanding for Nash. Seguin+? Skinner+? I wouldn't deal either of them straight up for Nash; Jackets would add. Significantly.

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