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07-05-2012, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
raising the percentage of revenues that go to the players would probably lower the cap. but since thats the exact opposite of what the owners want i don't see that happening.
To the contrary, lowering the players' percentage would lower the cap, but that's the CBA structure I was avoiding. Currently, the players receive 57% of HRR. The owners would like to get that down to 50%. Such a huge jump seems unlikely, so I'd expect something near the middle, between 52% and 54% if I had to guess. As for how large that impact would be, ignoring changes to the method of calculating the cap, a 52% split would leave the cap just under $65MM if I remember correctly.

However, with 4 teams over that figure already, and a fifth guaranteed to top it before the season starts, I'd expect any change in HRR sharing would see some form of cap relief. That could come in the form of amnesty, buyout, or rollback. However, it could also come in the form of a new cap calculation method. Currently there is no such thing as the "cap ceiling" or "cap floor." What actually happens is there is a "salary midpoint" which is 57% of league total HRR. Teams are allowed to deviate up to $8MM from the midpoint, which is where the ceiling and floor concepts come from. If the CBA were to drop the player share to a smaller figure, it's possible that calculation could be changed to result in a similar cap. A straight $10MM range or $12MM range would be opposed by the players however, as that would probably require an increase in their escrow amounts. Instead, I can see the midpoint becoming offset, with the ceiling some say $10MM above it, but the floor $16MM below. That would likely offset the necessary increases in escrow rates.

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