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12-01-2003, 01:00 AM
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look, my whole gripe about the issue has nothing to do with straka as a player, but what we gave up for him. i'm not complaining about adding a top 6er, but i really dislike the fact that we gave up anshakov. i think he has a lot of potential and had we kept him, we would have him in our possession for years to come.

look at how our prospects have been helping us out so far. yes, we don't know how anshakov will turn out, but so far our prospects have been pretty damn good. what makes u think anshakov won't also progress as everyone else seemingly has.

what about straka? 2 years and he's UFA. ok, u say, there's short term benefits... but what's that? he's a 95 point season 3 years ago, great, but how about now? u know and i know that that's most likely the best he'll ever do. if he reaches 60 this year, i'll be happy, but his numbers so far this year aren't that great. but again, don't get me wrong. i say these things but it doesn't mean i don't want him. it's great we got him, just that i wish it were to be at a lower price. had we traded a prospect who was a bit lower ranked the anshakov + strbak + draft pick, then i think i would be happy. as sponge, i think, said before, anshakov rounds out our top prospects. he's in the group of guys i really didn't want to let go.

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