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07-06-2012, 02:11 AM
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I tried to find the scene from Groundhog Day on you tube, but can't find it. People making all the Heatley jokes about hoping he isn't picking Zach, and Ryan up at the airport. The scene were Bill Murray, and the other two clowns he meets are in the bar. Then after having too much to drink Bill Murray goes for a ride with them, and he's hitting mail boxes, and running from the cops, and driving on the train tracks playing chicken with the train, and the other two are freaking out in the back. Bill Murray knows he's gonna wake up the next day on Groundhog Day again, so he doesn't care what he does to himself or what kinda trouble he gets in. That's what I think of with Heatley driving a car with Parise, and Suter with him.

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